COVID-19 SIS Resources

The COVID-19 SIS Resources shared below will support schools in utilizing SIS in accordance with the District’s Continuity of Education Plan.

ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
Adding a Co-Teacher to a Course SectionStepperPrincipal, AP, Scheduler
Viewing Report Cards in Campus ParentStepperParent, Guardian
Viewing Report Cards in Campus StudentStepperStudent
ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
SNAP Card Address Validation Ad Hoc ReportStepperPrincipal, AP
Editing a Household in CensusStepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary, Enrollment Support
Changing a Household Address VideoVideoPrincipal, AP, Secretary, Enrollment Support
ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
PLP Contact LogStepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary, Climate Manager, Dean, Attendance Support, Enrollment Support
RtI Contact LogStepperTeacher, Counselor, Attendance Designee
Contact Log Admin Reports StepperReport StepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor, Climate Manager, Dean
Contact Log User Report StepperReport StepperAll Users
State ID Student Listing ReportReport StepperAll Users
Emergency Contact ReportReport StepperAll Users
Campus Message CenterStepperTeacher, SIS Coach
Technology Inventory Tab and Ad Hoc ReportStepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary, SIS Coach, PPIS Designee