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The Student Information System (SIS)

In February 2017, the School District of Philadelphia launched the new student information system (SIS). Since that time, the District continues to roll out and train to new system functionality. The SIS is available online 24/7 and is accessible by students, parents, and educators based on what each group does with the system.

The SIS is used to enter, track, and report on student information to do the following:an image of a student information system screen

  • Registration (Census) and Student Demographic Data
  • Enrollment
  • Scheduling
  • Gradebook and Report Cards
  • Attendance
  • Health
  • Behavior (Discipline)
  • RtII

This website is designed to support school-based use of the SIS. To that end, it is organized by module according to the index seen on the left hand column of the system.

Questions? Please contact the IT Help Desk through or by calling 215-400-5555.

Last modified: August 2, 2018