Data Visualization Module

The Data Visualization Module allows users to view a dashboard containing dynamic, interactive data displays.

ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
School Level Enrollment Verification DashboardStepperPrincipal
Network Level Enrollment Verification DashboardStepperAssistant Superintendent
COVID District Participation Data Visualization StepperStepperAssistant Superintendents, Attendance Coaches
COVID Grades ReportStepperPrincipal, AP
Enrollment Targets DashboardStepperAssistant Superintendent, Principal (Criteria-Based & Citywide), AP (Criteria-Based & Citywide)
EP Daily School Selection ReportStepperAssistant Superintendent, Principal (Criteria-Based & Citywide), AP (Criteria-Based & Citywide)
Enrollment Projection Dashboard StepperStepperAssistant Superintendent, Principal, AP
Who Has Been Offered a Seat at my School?StepperPrincipals, Assistant Principals, Counselors
Where Have my Students Been Offered Seats?StepperPrincipals, Assistant Principals, Counselors
School Selection: Preliminary Applicant Eligibility Status ReportStepperPrincipals, Assistant Principals, Counselors