Grading and Standards

The Grading and Standards module contains tools used to manage grading, credit information, and course progress. The resources below are organized in order of the SDP Report Card process.

ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
Principal End-of-Term ProcessStepperPrincipal, AP, Scheduling Designee, Roster Chair
Principal End of Term ProcessVideoPrincipal, AP
Overriding Final GradesStepperPrincipal, AP, Scheduler
Interim ReportsStepperPrincipal, AP, Scheduling Designee, Roster Chair
Uploading Transcripts with Midyear GradesStepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor
Uploading Transcripts with SchedulesStepperPrincipal, AP, Roster Chair, Counselor
Batch Transcript ReportReport StepperPrincipal, Roster Chair, Counselor
Class Rank ReportReport StepperPrincipal, Scheduling Designee, Roster Chair, Counselor
Grade Impact ReportReport StepperPrincipal, AP
Grade Impact ReportVideoPrincipal, AP
Teacher Grade Impact ReportReport StepperTeacher
Teacher Grade Impact ReportVideoTeacher
Projected GPA ReportReport StepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor, Master and Assistant Master Scheduler