The Scheduling module encompasses tools necessary for creating and managing student schedules. The resources below are organized in order of the SDP K-8/Simple Scheduling process.

ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
K8 Simple Scheduler StepperStepperPrincipal, AP, K-8 Scheduler
Managing Teacher AssignmentsStepperPrincipal, AP, K-8 Scheduler
Rostering K8 Students into Homerooms and Associated ReportsStepperSecretary, K-8 Scheduler
Master Schedule ReportReport StepperPrincipal, AP, K-8 Scheduler
Pupil Assignment Sheet (E-55)FormPrincipal, AP, K-8 Scheduler
K8 Scheduling ChecklistReference GuidePrincipal, AP, K-8 Scheduler
Seating Chart in the Sections TabStepperPrincipals, Assistant Principals, Nurses, Schedulers, Secretaries, SIS Enrollment Support Specialists
Master Schedule: Managing Courses, Creating Course Sections, and Assigning TeachersStepperPrincipals, Assistant Principals, Master Schedulers
Correctly Rostered Students (K-8) Data VisualizationStepperPrincipals, Assistant Principals, Simple Schedulers
Master Schedule Rostering Dashboard Data VisualizationStepperPrincipals, Assistant Principals, Master and Assistant Master Schedulers
Correctly Rostered Students by Network (K-8) Data VisualizationStepperAssistant Superintendents
Master Schedule Rostering by Network Dashboard Data VisualizationStepperAssistant Superintendents