Student Information

The Student Information module contains tools for managing all aspects of a student’s information. The resources below are organized by where they are found in the index.

ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
Backpack Stepper for Report Card ConferencesStepperPrincipal, AP, Teacher, Scheduler, Counselor
Student SearchStepperAll Users
New Summary TabGuideAll
Calendar SelectionStepperAll Users
NEW Walk-In SchedulerStepperPrincipal, AP, K-8 Scheduler, Secretary, Enrollment Support
Legal AlertsStepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary
Opt Out TabStepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary, Enrollment Support
Pregnant & Parenting TabStepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor
Adding Graduation DataStepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary
Retaining StudentsStepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary
Homeless TabStepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor
Homeless Tab for NursesStepperNurses
Viewing Information in Student Information General for NursesStepperNurses
Transportation TabStepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary, Counselor
AthleticsStepperAthletic Directors
Promoting a K8 studentStepperPrincipal, Secretary, K-8 Scheduler
Navigation and SearchVideoAll Users
504 Tab StepperStepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor, Nurse, Secretary
Minor Form PBIS ONLYStepperPBIS Schools Only
Gifted Tab StepperStepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor
Behavior TabStepperPrincipal, AP, Climate Manager, Dean, Counselor
Check and Reflect TabStepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor
Learning Model Selection TabStepperPrincipals, Assistant Principals, Secretaries, Counselors, SIS Enrollment Support Specialists, Deans, Climate Managers
Transcript TabStepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor
ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
MYAPStepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor
Language WaiverStepperEL Point, Counselor, Roster Chair
ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
EL Initial Placement ProcessStepperPrincipal, AP, EL Point Person
EL Reclassification ProcessStepperPrincipal, AP, EL Point Person
Accessing EL Data in SISStepperPrincipal, AP, EL Point Person
ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
PLP Contact LogStepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary, Climate Manager, Dean, Attendance Support, Enrollment Support
ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
MTSS Office Contact DocumentPolicy DocumentAll Users
Viewing a RTI (MTSS) PlanStepperPrincipals, APs, Climate Managers
RtI Contact LogStepperTeacher, Counselor, Attendance Designee
Attendance Plan StepperStepperAttendance Designees
Attendance Plan Reference GuideReference GuideAttendance Designees
Literacy K-3 Plan StepperStepperSIS Coach, Teachers
Literacy K-3 Plan Reference GuideReference GuideSIS Coach, Teachers
Literacy 4-12 Plan Stepper StepperSIS Coach, Teachers
Literacy 4-8 Reference GuideReference GuideSIS Coach, Teachers
Literacy 9-12 Reference GuideReference GuideSIS Coach, Teachers
Behavior Plan StepperStepperCounselor, SIS Coach, Teachers
Behavior Plan Reference GuideReference GuideCounselor, SIS Coach, Teachers
Contact LogVideoAttendance Designee, Counselor, SIS Coach, Teachers
Team MembersVideoAttendance Designee, Counselor, SIS Coach, Teachers
Creating a Plan - Base ScoreVideoAttendance Designee, Counselor, SIS Coach, Teachers
Creating a Plan - Goal ScoreVideoAttendance Designee, Counselor, SIS Coach, Teachers
Intervention DeliveryVideoAttendance Designee, Counselor, SIS Coach, Teachers
ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
Special Education TabsStepperPrincipal, AP, SEL
SEL VideoVideoPrincipal, AP, SEL
ESY Attending Tab StepperStepperPrincipal, SEL, Special Education Teacher
ResourcesResource TypePotential Users
Updated Contacts Form StepperReport StepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary, Enrollment Support, Teachers
Students Information ReportsReport StepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary, Enrollment Support
EL ReportsReport StepperPrincipal, AP, EL Point Person
Next Year ReportReport StepperPrincipal, AP, K-8 Scheduler, Secretary, Enrollment Support
Next Year Report Stepper - Kindergarten RegistrationReport StepperSecretary
Special Education Student Listing ReportReport StepperPrincipal, AP, Secretary, SEL
Early Intervention ReportReport StepperPrincipal, AP, SEL
RTI (MTSS) ReportsReport StepperAll Users
504 Data ReportReport StepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor, Nurse, Secretary
Pregnant and Parenting Student ReportReport StepperPrincipal, SIS Coach, Secretary, Counselor
Check and Reflect Report StepperReport StepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor
Athletic ReportsReport StepperAthletic Directors, Nurses
Contact Log Admin Reports StepperReport StepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor, Climate Manager, Dean
Contact Log User Reports StepperReport StepperAll Users
Incoming 9th Grader ReportReport StepperPrincipal, AP, Counselor, Attendance Designee, Master Scheduler, Assistant Master Scheduler